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What Truth Do You Tell Your Online Disciples? (via GMO Blog)


This is a topic that can provoke thought for those who are TRULY seeking truth. Anything taught to me is because the teacher wants me to learn it in the way it is being taught. It is up to me to discern the factual matter from the slant of the teacher.

Which of these phrases are in the Bible and which are from Shakespeare? 1)   Apple of his eye. 2)   Blind lead the blind. 3)   City set on a hill. 4)   Pluck out the heart. 5)   Confess yourself to heaven. 6)   Eat, drink, and be merry. 7)   Get thee behind me, Satan. 8)   Neither a borrower nor lender be. 9)   Passing through nature to eternity. 10) The rest is silence. Sometimes people say things that sound good and are convincing, but sometime … Read More

via GMO Blog

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