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Happy Easter!


As we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, it is good to consider the story of the week from the triumphant entry of Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday. Expectations of people were raised in hopes of a new kingdom and the overthrow of the Romans to become outcries for a crucifixion only a week later. A Man professing to be Messiah is put to death and after three days miraculously rises to life. A close follower commits an act of betrayal that was so devastating that he took his own life. Another close follower denies association with Jesus and after being crushed by guilt is restored to a position of leadership. Political leaders do the wrong thing, condemning an innocent Man, in hopes of quelling civil unrest. Religious leaders do the wrong thing, falsely accusing an innocent man, in hopes of retaining their own stature and power. Spiritual warfare rages in the ultimate good vs. evil showdown. The whole story is fulfillment of prophecies that were hundreds and thousands of years old.

Check out my sermon, Which Barabbas are you? on video or written form.

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