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The Wife


The Wife, To BooBoo From Sarge



With warm eyes and bright smile,

You captured my eye with soft style.

With bright eyes and warm smile,

You captured my heart without trial.



With tender touch and gentle care,

Your love goes with me everywhere.

With gentle touch and tender care,

Your company I will forever share.



With loving soul and caring heart,

Your compassionate acts set you apart.

With caring soul and loving heart,

Your godly reflection will not depart.



With caring eyes and inviting smile,

You draw me near all the while.

With inviting eyes and caring smile,

You keep me close mile after mile.



As wife, lover, mother and friend,

Your love toward me shows no end.

As Margaret, Suzy, Maggs or BooBoo,

My love is dedicated unending to you.

Philly 2010

Spring Honeymoon in Philly, 2010

Happy Birthday Suzy! I Love you!

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  1. 04/17/2011 1:52 PM

    are you on linkedin?

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