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Midnight Poetry

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Redeem This Soul


What be there in me, Lord, that be worth redeeming?

What be there in me, but my soul, which is me?

Cast away this flesh, Lord, which in sin restrains me.

Redeem my soul, Lord, which doth belong to Thee.


What can I do, Lord, without Your redeeming?

What part of me, even my soul, belongeth to me?

I have no power in myself, no hope to redeem me.

Redeeming my soul, Lord, resteth with Thee.


When will I see, Lord, my soul Thou redeeming?

Will deep in my soul, believing, see You free me?

Even my believing, is not enough to redeem me.

Only believing, Lord, that proceedeth from Thee.


What good in my life, Lord, there be worth redeeming?

What good in this soul, Lord, hath originated with me?

But for Your mercy, there be no one to redeem me.

But for Your grace, Lord, love that floweth from Thee.


When is the time, Lord, for me, Your redeeming?

When will this soul, Lord, truly be free in me?

I’ll be Your new creation, a new body about me.

No more corruption, Lord, from my presence with Thee.


Why should I fret, Lord, about Thy redeeming?

Why should my soul, be troubled within me?

For it is Your promise, Your peace deep within me.

It is a faithfulness, Lord, that comes only from Thee.


I anxiously await, Lord, that time of redeeming.

That day when with You, be forever with me.

I’ll remember no more, this sinful flesh upon me.

Only clothed by Your grace, Lord, forever with Thee.



This was born out of my prayers as I lay in bed at 11:45PM last night. As I was conversing with God I thought it sounded poetic. Good poetry? I guess you can decide for yourself. As for me, it was the yearning of my heart and I like it. I wrote it on QuickOffice in bed, in the dark, on my Droid 2. It cleared my head and I was asleep by 12:45AM.

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    01/15/2011 3:51 AM

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