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A Day Of Mercies


Yesterday began like many other Fridays as the alarm clocks began making their existence known at 5AM. I awaken fairly easily in the morning as I become healthier and thus sleep better. On this day I was able to rise immediately and head downstairs go through my normal morning routine. After checking my bank balances I got sucked into viewing a couple of web sites that I enjoy and lost track of the time. It was at that point of realization that the morning became rushed as I would be getting to my truck an hour later than I had originally planned though thankfully I had no early work scheduled.

I gathered up the briefcase, laptop and lunch cooler and hurried to the car to make the 20 minute journey to my work truck. Passing through town and turning south, I found myself second in line behind a slow start driver. The driver was the sort that seemingly makes a three count before depressing the gas pedal after the light displays green, proceeds at 5mph below the posted speed limit regardless of what it is and never closes within fewer than 8 car lengths when traffic is moving. I don’t recall praying for improved patience, but it was a testing of my attitude as I was trapped until this person turned off just after crossing the bridge over the Mississippi River.

Anxious to pick up the pace, I raced up to the mini-van in front of me only to find that the driver of said vehicle evidently approved of the driving style which I thought we were escaping. At that very moment I realized that the semaphore was now displaying red. I was in a hurry and paid my dues in this traffic so I was not stopping. Well, maybe not such a good decision. It was one of those times when I immediately knew the choice was not good and that I could pay the price for it. This was the time that upon checking the mirror I spied the squad car swinging around the corner taking up residence behind me.

I did all the right things as I pulled over and greeted the officer safely out of traffic. I had all the proper information ready for him on the cold winter morning. Basically I made it easy and safe for him to do his job. While he was running a few checks as he put it, I said a short prayer. I told God that I knew I was guilty and that I didn’t deserve any mercy, but if He would somehow allow the officer to see past my actions and grant me a warning rather than a fine, I would certainly be appreciative. I was resigned to the fact that my clean driving record was now to be stained once again. To my surprise and delight mercy was granted. I was handed a warning and told that tickets are expensive so I ought to be more careful.

The Warning

A Firm Warning

I was thankful and calmer for the remainder of the day and reminded of the greatest mercies that had been shown to me. Sinner that I was, and am, I have no right to demand forgiveness or pardon. Yet, in my sinfulness God did offer me that mercy. He showed me that Jesus had gone to the cross and took upon Himself the wrath of God that was meant for me. He paid the price for my sinfulness and unbelief. All that was required of me was to trust in Him and His sacrifice. I was offered mercy when I deserved punishment. The rest of my day was lived out with much better perspective and contentment.

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