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2011 – New Year – New Beginnings


The last four months have seemed out of control from a time management point of view. My last blog was September 11 Remembrance on 09/11/10. I have had plenty of things to blog about in that time, I just didn’t make the time to do it. In 2011 I would like to get back to the blogging and redevelopment of my web site in a more refined way than I have done in the past. I would very much like to have a blog and a site that is entertaining and that has fresh, quality posts that others can enjoy. My life needs to take a turn toward cleaning up, packing up and minimizing the stuff that surrounds me. Enough of the life of clutter and the half done. It is time for me to look at what is around me with a use it or lose it mentality that will simplify my daily living. In fact, I came up with a basic outline to implement while in prayer this morning.

Spirituality: Prayer, Fasting,Tithing

Time Management: Spiritual, Personal, Professional

Organization: Time, Diet & Exercise, Surroundings

Spiritual/Prayer: Specific with knee time.

Spiritual/Fasting: Done regularly with purpose and prayer.

Spiritual/Tithing: Time, talents and treasure.

Time/Spiritual: Regular, structured time for spiritual growth.

Time/Personal: Devoted to physical, mental and emotional rejuvenation.

Time/Professional: Regulate schedule; attention to detail.

Organization/Time: Schedule what is necessary, seek God on balance.

Organization/D&E: Dedicate regularly scheduled time; attain goals.

Organization/Surroundings: Clean up, pack up, minimize.

It is not that none of these things were being done in my life already; they all existed to some extent. The key for me this year is to get a handle on my time management and to be deliberate about what I am doing. My health has slowly improved in the final quarter of 2010 and I have lost a built in excuse for falling short. The truth is that I need to be disciplined if I desire to be productive. This doesn’t mean going back to the days of having a day planner with every minute accounted for when every little thing had to be scheduled. I do need to prioritize and work with a purpose in order to accomplish the things I would like to do. One key part is to leave open time for relaxation and for those things that God brings across my path.

One thing I ignored the past few months was writing on the church web site which was not only for others, but also helped me to study and keep focused. Today I offered the following post to my blog there, All About Prayer.

Resolution time has arrived once again. It seems a good time to evaluate actions of the past and to ponder the improvements that could be made in the immediate future. All aspects of our lives are in play from our physical condition, to our surroundings, to our mental and emotional state, even our spirituality. These are not stand alone areas since each aspect of our lives affects, or at least influences, the others. When determining how we will move forward from this point, all parts of our lives must be considered, evaluated and prioritized. This activity actually happens with every decision we make whether we are consciously aware of it happening or not. Perhaps our lone resolution for 2011 could be to become consciously aware of the process so as to make better decisions in our day to day lives.

For those of us who profess to be Christians, that is to be followers of Christ, our prioritization ought to begin with our spirituality. Does it really matter if we lose weight, exercise more or achieve any other goal if our relationship with God suffers set back or even stagnates? This brings to question whether we are actually living for Christ or living for self. So what are our 2011 resolutions? Do our lists begin with something of true spiritual importance?

It seems a good time to evaluate actions of the past and to ponder the improvements that could be made in the immediate future. How are we doing concerning some of the basic spiritual disciplines?

  • Time spent in prayer, both personal and corporate.
  • Giving of time, talents and treasure in service to God.
  • Times of fasting to seek God, to grow closer to God, seeking His will.
  • Ministering to the needs of others on a personal level, one to one.
  • Ministering to the saints, the body of Christ, as a function of church life.
  • Time in Scripture: reading, studying, learning, teaching.
  • Taking up the cross: self-denial of the things of this world.

What will we do in and with 2011 that will improve upon what we did in and with 2010? A good place to begin would be reading, meditating on, and putting into action, Chapter Six of the Letter to the Ephesians. Remember that as Christians our first duty is to draw near to God, seek Him first and live a life of obedience to His call upon us. Are we at least wiling to begin this New Year in prayer to God asking Him to help us determine our resolutions? Prayer is the one activity that we know will give us access to the power that enables success. Are we willing to actually live out our profession and experience a spiritual revival within each of us that will spill over into all areas of our lives?

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    i like it

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