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Working Road Trip

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Arriving at Racine, Wisconsin

I take road trips a small number of times each year for my job. A customer is really in a tight spot or needs special handling for the materials being shipped to call us and pay our rates for these multi-hundred mile treks.

Today the drive takes me to Racine, Wisconsin, which is just south of Milwaukee. I made the pick up at noon on Saturday and held it until today to deliver it at 10:00 PM. The factory was closed for Labor Day until the night shift came on duty.

The drive was rolling along smoothly until I got down around the Wisconsin Dells area at which point the traffic was pretty much stop and go through Madison. When I-90 and I-94 parted company, the traffic heading toward Milwaukee thinned out for awhile.

I was listening to the Brewers/Cardinals baseball game and began to realize that the timing of the game’s end and my passing the stadium was going to be all to close to one another. The other factor I considered was that the people that were leaving the game may not be to happy as the Brewers had lost the game. A St. Louis 6 run 8th inning blew open a 2-2 game and included a grand slam. Milwaukee came back to make it 8-6, but they failed to get the win with the tieing run at the plate ending the 9th inning.

Knight's Inn - Racine, WI

I survived the traffic slowdowns and congestion to arrive at Racine after a 7-1/2 hour drive. Looking primarily at budget, I chose the Knight’s Inn to stay at on Monday night. The legal length of shift and driving hours pretty much dictated the decision to spend the night. Had I driven back tonight, I would have been too fried to work tomorrow anyhow. I used a friend’s site that to reserve the room and save approximately 24% on the room rate. Take a peek at Take-A-Peek Travel when you need to reserve a room on the fly.

If I make it back in time to handle a delivery or two tomorrow, it will be gravy. I just need to be back in time for our golf league championship.

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