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Breakfast In Bed


I sit in my bed surrounded by the chilly autumn air and wrapped in a cozy comforter while surfing the web and eating leftovers from last night’s spaghetti dinner. This is the sort of morning that the wife and I, back in the day, would declare as a Ma and Pa Kettle day.

Back in the day, pre-kids, the night before the morning after could get fairly long. The wife and I could stay in bed almost as long as we wanted to. We had a TV in the bedroom and just hung out there. If anyone left the bedroom for any reason (bathroom, food, dogs, etc.), the person had to bring back food or refreshment for the other party.

We didn’t have cable or satellite back then, so we had to settle for the local channels. About mid to late morning, one channel played old Ma and Pa Kettle movies which we usually watched before getting up for the activities we had planned that Saturday. Quite often those plans repeated Friday night’s activities.

Since then, one of us will occasionally declare a Ma & Pa Kettle day upon waking up. No plans, no hurry, stay in bed, pop in a movie, eat and drink (usually junk), etc., etc. (babies? 4?)

This is where we get the term, Ma & Pa Kettle Day.

But alas, the wife is at work so I spend the morning with the mistress before heading out into the morning light to worship God with friends.

Back when I spent long, late nights on the PC, my wife nicknamed it “The Mistress”. It was a fairly appropriate nickname.

Along came the laptop, which promptly became known as, “The Mistress’s Daughter”.

Later on I obtained a Blackberry, complete with browser and internet capabilities. Yes, the mistress has a granddaughter.

It’s usually a good gag. The tone of voice during reference usually dictates the level of humor, or lack thereof.

After a couple hours of surfing, we, uh, I mean I, head to my YouTube page to see what’s happening. Still no update from Seanie B. on the final episode of Lost, I guess it’s time to give up on that one. But hey, there is a new vid from Improv Everywhere. I like a lot of their work and not always for their improv, but frequently for the looks and reactions of the onlooking, unsuspecting public such as in Star Wars on the subway or Ghostbusters in the library. The new effort put forth is Black Tie Beach. So grab your spaghetti, cozy up in that comforter and meander over to my YouTube page and scroll down to my subscriptions where you can click on Improv Everywhere. And don’t dribble on the sheets.


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