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30AUG10 Rat Dogs


30AUG10 Rat Dogs

Originally uploaded by Sarge Jan08

Today’s daily pic is of the rat dogs, my name for these guests. Day 1 of 3 for the visitors, reminding why I don’t have my own pets. We love to help out Cindy, occasional visits are enough for me.

When my wife’s sister leaves town, these two gals frequently land at our place. They are a good reminder of the freedom I have to pick up and go without pets. I have no desire to tend to the needs of animals except in the service to others. For some people the work is worth the companionship and the emotional bonds grow stronger over time. I have had my share of pets over time from my youth through my twenties. Now at fifty-one, I have no desire of pets.

The last pets I had were a pair of collies, Barney and Clyde. I have many very good memories of those dogs and the enjoyment they provided for me. I also remember the time of bankruptcy in the early eighties when I had to choose whether to feed them or my two daughters. It was a very difficult day as I gave my friends away for the sake of my family. I think that is when my desire for pets ended.

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  1. 09/11/2010 3:47 AM

    im feeling it

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