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Not The Place To Be


16AUG10 Dealer Shop

Originally uploaded by Sarge Jan08

On a Monday during the prime mid-morning production time, sitting at the dealer shop is not the place that I want to be. The truck may now be paid off, but 4 years later it still demands a payment of some sort.

I noticed that it was turning over a little more on the stiff side on Friday and wondered if it was misperception on my part, the heat getting to it or if there was a developing issue. Today the truck seemed to crank even slower and I became concerned about eventually being stranded somewhere. Of course we know that wouldn’t happen unless I had three deliveries on board, two of them rushes and far away from the shop. I decided to take preventive action and sacrifice the morning for peace of mind.

The electrical checked out perfectly so it is a mystery to me. Now the mechanic wants to check the engine side to see about some noise. It is possible that an injector is going out yet again and the somewhat loss of power the past week was more than the heat, lack of additive to the fuel and the A/C compressor being fully engaged which also turns on the fan and draws down on the power.

Well, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. If it’s not another, then it’s something else. And if it’s not something else, then it must be something completely different. And doesn’t it always happen right after the disposable income has been spent? Timing is everything.

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