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25JULY10 Church


25JULY10 Church

Originally uploaded by Sarge Jan08

It’s Sunday so it is off to the real social network. Cornerstone Church of Blaine currently meets in the auditorium at Blaine High School in Blaine, Mn. Until such time as we have our own church building, signs like this one need to be put up and taken down every Sunday. We also need to haul in all of the sound equipment, band equipment and other items for things such as nursery and fellowship time snacks and liquids.

The Pastor is going through a series on responsible church membership. The message today was basically on graciousness as we form a community. Our time, talents and treasures are to be shared for helping one another when a need arises. This is when the love of Christ really shines through for all to see. It also stretches the faith of all involved resulting in spiritual growth and trust in God.

Having been on the giving and the receiving ends of this practice, I was asked by the Pastor to participate in a Q&A session as he concluded the sermon. He asked me about various situations in my life when giving and receiving and how it affected me and my family. The sermon recording should include this and will be posted to the church website in the near future. Meanwhile, I documented the main event I talked about as I was going through a 23 week shoulder surgery recovery. It is on my Forum site in the section, 2008 Road to Recovery.

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