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Stand Up For NY


In recent weeks, the press have highlighted several troublesome issues with regards to the construction of the proposed Cordoba Mosque in lower Manhattan:

  • The Imam in charge of the construction refused to acknowledge that Hamas is a terrorist organization. (New York Post, 6/19/10)
  • The Imam of the project is a member of Perdana Global, the single largest funder of the flotilla that tried to break the blockade of Gaza by Israeli defense forces. (New York Post, 6/5/10)
  • The questionable background of the funding sources for the construction of the Mosque. (New York Post, 5/25/10)

  • Given that the Cordoba Initiative is a registered charitable organization with the New York Attorney General’s Office, it would be the height of irresponsibility for Andrew Cuomo not to conduct a thorough investigation of the previous items highlighted by the media with respect to the construction of this Mosque in lower Manhattan.

    The people have the right to know if this “charity” is using its resources in a legitimate, legal, and charitable way.

    Join us and add your name to this list of your fellow New Yorkers and tell Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to investigate the Cordoba Initiative.

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    1. Matt Smith permalink
      08/03/2010 12:31 PM

      No. No no no no no no.

    2. Ron Smith permalink
      08/04/2010 7:35 PM

      I am a Texan. It is completely foreign to me how people in New York can allow a 15 story terrorist command center to be built on American sacred ground. Moslems want to kill us and to their credit they are up front about it. My family has visited New York. I never will. I have no desire to be around a bunch of spineless people that will allow a group that murdered American citizens build a monument to their success. As they look out their windows and gloat, be secure in your knowledge that we just want to get along. the Moslems have no respect for you and this I have in common with them. How many people have to murdered in New York before a New Yorker says enough is enough. I do not know how many it is. Evidently 3,000 is not enough.

    3. 08/04/2010 8:09 PM

      The mosque is a symbol of their conquest and here they are declaring victory on the soil of ground zero. And just because they change what they call it and have other stuff at the site, does not make it any less a mosque. Let’s not be so naive.

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