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18JULY10 Calling Me


18JULY10 Calling Me

Originally uploaded by Sarge Jan08

You can’t hear it in the photo, but it is calling me. I could break out the Couch Potato Championship t-shirt, but the long sleeves are unnecessary today.

I woke up this morning at 5:45 when the wife went to work, but groggily rolled over returning to lala land. I awoke again at about 8:30 and got out of bed. Through about 10:00 I had that drug hangover feeling. It was a feeling of grogginess that comes from using pain killers or sleeping pills. The odd thing is that I hadn’t used any.

I got dressed to a level appropriate for the morning’s church attendance and then headed downstairs for a breakfast of leftover bread sticks and a slice of pizza. As usual, I ingested the handful of daily meds.

As I contemplated the time frame between my point of readiness and the service start time, I heard it. I heard it calling to me. “Hey groggy, I’ll be here waiting for you after church. Come lay on me. The Twins game is on 29 at 1:00.” Certainly I could justify heeding the call as I have been dealing with exhaustion for weeks now and this hung over feeling was no sign of relief from it.

I could even multitask I reasoned. I had blogs to update and photos to upload. Who knows, I could even find something more profitable to do. Or possibly I could just take a nap and hope that it would promote bodily healing. The quality of the Twins performance would probably dictate the role I would undertake.

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