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16JULY10 Homeward Bound


16JULY10 Homeward Bound

Originally uploaded by Sarge Jan08

There is a bill board downtown Minneapolis for a beer. The caption is, “Hell is waiting. But it’s a dry heat.”

Today was another hot and humid day and I was glad to be done working. Even though there was still money to be made on this busy day, the discomfort from the weather and the pain from health issues provoked me to say enough is enough. By the time I exited the truck, I had put in ten hours so I didn’t have any reason to feel guilty.

The display tells the story. Sirius NFL Radio at 4:18pm with the fan on full blowing the A/C in a bi-level fashion sparing me the exterior temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

A caring wife at home was ready to make my evening as comfortable as possible. Now it is time to head to the bedroom where our little window air conditioning unit will allow me to sleep tonight. I’ll pop in a movie and pass out before it ends.

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