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Laundry Day


08JULY10 Laundry Day

Originally uploaded by Sarge Jan08

The growth rate of the pile of clean laundry was outpacing my waistline. Like the diet I need, something had to be done. The dreaded day has arrived. Laundry Day!

I had a photo of the end table next to my dresser where I tend to pile the clean laundry until I get around to putting it away. The stack was equal to the height of the chest of drawers leveling off just below the television that hangs from the ceiling. All told it was approximately 30″ high on a 2’X3′ table. Well, you get the picture. There is no need to embarrass myself with the photo of that collection. I was about to say that the only thing worse would be … But I thought of my kids yucking it up as they posted that … on my behalf for all the world to see and take a collective gasp.

Today became the day as I thought of it as an idea for my daily photo. It was my motivator so to speak. I attempted to perform my usual procrastination techniques. I queried the dinner menu with the bride. We ordered a pizza and watched a Dirty Harry movie on Netflix, The Dead Pool. I even opened the laptop. But alas, here I am, folding clothes.

Well, now the laptop is open again as I procrastinate the putting said clothes in drawers and closet. This can’t last too long as the wifey will want to gain access to the new bed tonight. The new bed is a wonderful improvement I might add. No might about it, I just added it.

Well now to tweet and FB the blog and then back to work. Or should I go find a dvd first to throw into the player up here. Hmmm? I am quite certain that the old gal won’t put up with this very long. 30.5 years of marriage and no nagging. How great is that? She will get in my face or bury her size five when I need or deserve it though. I know when that is and I cannot consider something I deserve as nagging. Again, I am truly blessed.

Well, enough of this. It’s Laundry Day! Huzzah!

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