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Assignment: Sermon Prep


07JULY10 Sermon Prep

Originally uploaded by Sarge Jan08

Home from work in the truck and now working on the pain management. Soon to be working on the computer as tonight’s assignment is sermon prep for Saturday’s Comforts of Home service in Blaine, MN, which our church provides on the second, third and fourth weeks of the month. Also being finalized tonight is the devotional message to be presented at the annual Cornerstone Church of Blaine Men’s Group golf outing.

Unfortunately, due to a prior annual engagement, I will not be able to attend this year’s golf outing. I had planned on attending both events but other things scheduled by the church bumped the match back an hour. I am now unable to attend either event in it’s entirety if I try to attend both so I had to make a choice. I could spell out my reasoning here but I don’t believe I could do it justice. Also, due to some of the reasoning, this may not be a good place to elucidate the issue. Any curious soul will just have to contact me personally. (You know – an actual live conversation.)

I look forward to tonight’s duties because this is what keeps me studying and learning Scripture. For the Christian, which I am, there is joy in exploring God’s Word. I do not mean merely reading the Bible, even though that is a good thing, rather, actually studying and seeing how passages are tied together and how they spell out the principles by which I ought to operate and how they reveal the attributes of God. Studying and learning and experiencing the joy of the Living Word of God.

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