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Finally, A New Bed


06JULY10 New Bed 1

Originally uploaded by Sarge Jan08

The new bed set from The Original Mattress Factory delivered July 6.

I’m guessing that it was a little more than a decade ago when I decided that it was time to replace the bladder in the soft side water bed rather than repair it again. While I shopped around for the new bag, I threw a full size mattress into the queen size frame. It was a nice snug fit and worked well for a temporary fix. Is a decade temporary?

The Sealy Posturepedic was pretty comfortable and chimed in at around $1400 for the set. The Simmons Beauty Rest weighed in at $1099. After that sticker shock I stopped in at my local store front for The Original Mattress Factory to find the Ortho Luxury Firm at $699.

When it comes to purchasing items like this, items that should be of good quality for a longer term, I hesitate to go with the cheapest brand for fear of product failure. In this case however, after seeing the cutaways and the quality of materials and construction, I believe that I got the best of the three and the lowest price is a bonus.

Even new and too firm, this bed will be worlds ahead of what we had been using. I look forward to breaking it in and having years of better quality sleep.

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