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More Sovereignty Going Bye-Bye?


Obama gives INTERPOL new police powers in U.S.

This story is interesting in that it raises the question once again about world courts and authorities having jurisdiction over the USA as opposed to being a sovereign state. Apparently our rights can be handed away by Executive Order and the damage could be irrevocably done before the first term of President Obama is ever completed. The quest by some for a world government is full steam ahead and President Obama appears to be a willing accomplice.

This sort of behavior plays into the theory of what if a foreign sympathizer were to attain the presidency and work to dis-assemble our nationality from the inside out? The so called “birthers” gain fuel from this sort of activity and may gain more sympathizers as our sovereignty disintegrates before our very eyes. Even the 2010 elections may be too late to reverse the course as the current Congress spends us into serfdom and allows the administration’s policies to nationalize our economy as capitalism is slowly dismantled.

This begs the question yet again, “Why was a proper birth certificate never produced?” President Obama could end the whole argument immediately concerning his validity as a qualified candidate for the office he now occupies. Rather, estimates up to 1.7 million dollars have been spent to keep all of his records secret to this point. Why spend that much money instead of ending the argument?

Don’t federal officials take an oath to defend the Constitution from all whether they be foreign or domestic? Whether President Obama be foreign or domestic, giving foreign agencies rights on our soil that outweigh our Constitution is in fact an assault on the document as it is made to be impotent. Granted the document appears to be no more than an inconvenience in the eyes of law makers these days, but this should be another of many wake up calls to the public. Unfortunately, what is perceived as the media and public news reporting agencies will not mention such stories as this much more than a passing comment. Where is the outrage about the violation of our civil rights such as occurred at the time the Patriot Act was created? This is a new level of intrusiveness that will pave the way for future offenses by the government against the people of this land.

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