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Green? hahahahahaha


As President Obama declares that we need to inflate our tires and conserve energy, he flies to Iowa to pimp windmills at the cost of 9,000 gallons of fuel.  Mark Knoller reports that Air Force One used 8,950 gallons and Marine One consumed another 166 gallons of fuel.  Add to that the motorcade fuel, not to mention the newly designated deadly pollutant carbon dioxide.  So I guess this would be another do as I say, not as I do moment.  As he continues to campaign rather than lead, he “he urged Americans to support his plan for promoting expanded use of alternative and renewable fuels.”

Andrew P. Morriss wrote an article about the illusion of “green jobs” in an article for the Baltimore Sun.  He wrote, “Unfortunately, claims about the wonders of green jobs are all too often constructed on myths about economics, forecasting and technology.”    He goes on to state, “Spending billions would certainly produce green jobs, but it would also eliminate jobs in areas that lose government favor. Green-jobs advocates rarely count the job losses their programs will cause. For example, shifting electricity production from coal to wind means that many coal miners, truck drivers, utility workers and other employees will lose their jobs as energy prices soar. And because wind and solar power are much more costly than our current sources of energy, people will lose their jobs elsewhere as higher energy prices slow the economy. To make a fair calculation of the impact on employment, we have to consider job losses as well as gains.”

Alternate energy sources are cost prohibitive at the present time, but the government has a plan to deal with the problem of this little obstacle.  They are going to make wind and solar energy just as affordable as coal fired and nuclear energy.  Will they be lowering the price of the alternative fuel?  Oh, no, no, no, no, no.  They will regulate and tax the existing energy sources until they are as expensive as the alternative sources.  And the proponents of the plan expect us to believe that this is not a problem either because corporations and individuals will break even or even save money because although the energy prices are higher, things will be much more efficient and thus less energy will be consumed.  A lot of assumptions are made in their efforts to pull the wool over our eyes.  When the carbon tax failed to go through initially, the EPA took the next step to regulation by making carbon dioxide a pollutant.  House leader Nancy Pelosi says that the carbon tax issue is sure to be raised again.  The carbon tax will affect everyone with increased cost of living.  So much for taxes not going up for 95% of people.  It may not be a direct tax, but corporations don’t pay taxes, they pass them along to consumers.  So when manufacturers, transporters and retailers all add their portion of the carbon tax to the goods we buy, prices will be sure to rise.  Couple the price increases with the inflation that is sure to come from the printing of trillions of dollars that will be added to the money supply and the result is much lower purchasing power for the much more limited cash we will be able to earn.

Just remember that everytime the government gets involved in business, the result is less than desirable.  Government does not produce anything, it simply takes the fruit of our labors to continue its power grab and industry control.

By the way, have you ever read the 10 step plan for cleaning up a broken compact fluorescent light?  Evidently, going green includes replacing the safe incandescent bulb with the dangers of mercury poisoning.  Do the disposal costs really offset the enrgy savings?  With over 50 manufacturers in China, how much energy is consumed by shipping the bulbs to the U.S. to help us reduce our carbon foot print?

I’m all for conserving energy and doing the right thing for the environment, but some of this stuff is such crap that it is sickening to see people sucked into it because they believe the government is always right and knows better than we do.  That would be the same people who think that the government is supposed to take care of our every need from the cradle to the grave.  That would be the same people who need to learn to take the responsibility for themselves instead of waiting for others to contribute to the system for them.  It may be too late for them to wake up and see what is coming.

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