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The Violence – The Destruction


Have you read about the violence and destruction that transpired on April 15 and the stories of the follow-up arrests and charges? Did you catch the video of the hooded vandals who broke windows and burned cars? Did you see the cops in riot gear teargassing the protesters? How about the protesters pushing back and throwing objects at the police? Oh, wait, I may be thinking of the protesters at the Republican National Convention.

Yeah, that’s right. On April 15, 2009, over 540,000 people gathered at over 850 locations, PEACEFULLY. “‘The top 40 events represent about 257,000 attendees and our last 20 reports average about 1,000 per event. It’s highly possible that the total attendance number is between 800,000 and 1 million,’ Simon noted.” By all reports that I have seen and heard, the crowds which ranged from 18 citizens in Kodiak, Alaska, to 16,000 individuals in San Antonio, Texas, gathered and dispersed peacefully. I have heard of a few kooks in the crowds, but not of any violent incidents. The main stream media pretty much ignored the events other than to mock them. Reporters and show hosts (some thinking themselves to be legitimate, unbiased reporters) classified the events as extreme right wing staged events that were sponsored by the Republican Party and Fox News.

Fox News gave legitimacy to the events by covering them and discussing the thoughts that the participants actually expressed. Their live coverage can be contrasted by the likes of CNN reporter Susan Roesgen who seems to be confrontational rather than a presenter of the facts. She first states that it is organized by three different conservative groups. They were actually organized at the grass root level, some actually by self professed Democrats. She also didn’t realize that taxation was only one of the issues. Unbridled spending and unresponsive politicians also contribute to the government doing whatever they like, regardless of the Constitutionality of their actions. She gets argumentative with a participant suggesting that a $400 “tax credit” should appease the people that are looking at the long range effects. Then to argue that the State of Lincoln was getting 50 billion dollars in stimulus should be a positive thing, when in reality it is money coming from the very taxpayers it is supposed to help after the beauracracy takes a cut out of it. Most of the spending should be done by the states and municipalities if they desire to raise taxes and do the projects rather than the federal government collecting from the states to shuffle it around. It is sadly amusing that she turned the report into giving the perception that the rally was a violent, aggressive gathering that was not fit for family viewing. Yet, families were gladly participating in this civil, civic activity. Anti-government and anti-CNN? I must be missing something. Only anarchists want no government. Conservatives want limited government that allows the citizenry to pursue life, liberty and happiness. And what of the libertarians, democrats and others in existence? Remaining true to the enumerated powers in the Constitution would put it all to rest. The studio host equally hypes it as absurd with her comments. There was an agenda to put down these rallies as anything but a meaningful message to politicians by regular citizens.

The point is that the rallies were organized locally by regular citizens who desired to get involved in legal, proper and civil demonstrations. There was no violence, no anarchy, and no destruction. There was Fox News coverage because they realized the growth of the grass roots event. They covered it leading up to the event and they did live broadcasting from them. Isn’t that what news agencies should do, report?

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