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Wickedness in the Land


As we enter an age that is new to most Americans, a survey of the landscape reveals a variety of troubles and evils. Young people have no knowledge of living through the tough economic times of the Carter era. Likewise, they cannot relate to the depression stories of the elders in society. The economic “woes” of our day is all new ground for a great part of our population. The most popular refrains are greed, especially Wall Street and CEO’s, and the crooked politicians such as the well worn refrain of VP Cheney and Haliburton, or more recently the parade of tax evading Cabinet appointees. It is easy to understand the focus being placed there with the economic troubles. Unfortunately it overshadows other issues that now appear to be relegated to the shadows.

Greed is not limited to the wealthy. It is an attitude that is not bound by financial status. The rich may withhold treasures and be guilty of hoarding. The poorer man may be living beyond his means, which puts himself and family in danger financially. Even those who would suppose themselves innocent could find times where self-interest won out over the needs of others. The point is that I am guilty and we are guilty. Our nation is corporately guilty of many things as are each of us individually.

As abortion has now exceeded a body count of over 50 million, which is 97% of a pie chart if all war deaths and abortions in the U.S. were added together, President Obama has expanded on the public funding available for the murder of innocent babies. Again we are talking about individual and corporate wickedness in our land.

Homosexuality is now being sold as an alternate lifestyle and is now being taught in the schools as a natural thing so the upcoming generation will be accepting of the behavior. Proponents have been working to make it a civil right equal to the battle fought by racial minorities. The redefining of marriage and the adoption of children by same sex couples are popular battlefronts. Again, it is not only individual behavior but also the swing in societal attitudes and acceptance of the behavior.

Abortion and homosexuality are in part the outcropping of promiscuous sexual activity. Moral behavior has been watered down in this age of moral relativism and has also produced many sexually transmitted diseases. The topics can not be dissociated one from the other. The corporate aspect beyond acceptance of the behavior is the strain it puts on the health industry and amount of tax dollars that need to be allocated to the care for the infected.

Other problems include gangs, drug use, illegal aliens and the overall crime rate. We lead the world in exporting porn and we embrace decadent behaviors. As we race into a global society, we are losing control of the local happenings. Individuals have turned to government for their provision while the states have ceded their rights to the federal government. The federal government gets so wrapped up in mortgaging the future and funding social programs, that it forgets to protect the population from the onslaught of illegal aliens and the potential terrorist infiltration. What happened to the fence? What about the container inspections that will not occur as scheduled? Homeland security on the surface appears to be a feel good idea similar to air raid drills that had us duck and cover as kids in school as if we would then be safe from the impending attack. And the global mentality itself will merely condition us for the redistribution of wealth on a grander scale. Note the cap and trade policies on the horizon that await our industries and country.

At what point do these scourges bring a judgement on our land? Whether it be from God or by natural occurrence, the “what goes around – comes around” theory holds mostly true in life. There are consequences for our actions, both intended and unintended. The economic impact of missing 50 million workers-consumers-taxpayers is a good example. Would Social Security be in such trouble if those people were alive? Deficit spending by our government is going to saddle future generations with a debt that can’t be repaid. Will we keep borrowing new money to pay off the old debt? This cannot continue indefinitely.

We as a nation and as individuals are guilty of sinning against ourselves, against each other, against future generations and against God. Whether the troubles now and in days to come are judgments from God or judgments from the natural consequences of our actions, we will be judged. We permit, tolerate and even endorse all sorts of evils in our society. How bad will the repercussions have to get before we repent and change our ways? Going green isn’t all bad, as we conserve and properly use our resources. I fear it has become a weapon against mankind as it has become earth worship and true science has been replaced by popular beliefs. And what of our moral behavior? Moral relativism has destroyed the very fabric that started this country on a strong path at its inception. God has been removed from the schools and is all but gone from the public square. The phony separation of church and state argument was perpetrated upon an uneducated public. This leads into the claim of rights that aren’t really rights at all, especially when there is an absence of personal responsibility for the result of the actions. I see more and more in our society, people who think that their rights are more important than the rights of someone else. Manners, decency and common courtesy are the casualties in this social shift.

Our sins are catching up to us, but we refuse to stop the behavior that is leading us to destruction. Soon will come the day that is too late and we will look back wondering what happened. The day of judgment may soon be upon us, whether it be political, economic, social, natural or supernatural. Perhaps we will experience the perfect storm of reaping our just rewards all at the same time. We must each individually take stock of our lives before our society can be affected positively. No one is exempt and no one is innocent. Contrary to the comments of Michelle Obama, President Obama cannot heal our collective soul.

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